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Research fields

Updated on 11/15/2016
Published on 01/21/2013

The main objective of our Research Division is to provide scientific data to improve health and well-being and to enhance the development of food better adapted to humans. Studies lie in a compromise between individual well-being and economic and socio-professional realities. The division also aims at organising a scientific community in the area of food-borne chemical risk.

The Nutrition, chemical food safety and consumer behaviour Division has organised its research activities around four main research fields:

  • Sensory processes and consumer eating behaviour
  • The digestive function: understanding the relationship between food, digestive content and the intestinal wall
  • Food and nutrition: metabolic effects and consequences on health
  • Food toxicology - food safety

On the subject of

Les publications du département

Les chercheurs du département Alimentation humaine ont produit 1120 articles originaux et 213 articles de synthèse de 2007 à 2011. Vous pouvez consulter leurs références dans la base de données des publications de l'INRA.